J School Of IELTS

J School of IELTS is a place where an aspiring IELTS student enters empty handed but leaves IELTS qualified. Our undying desire to deliver knowledge to students not only helps them to conquer the exam, but also makes them expert users of the language so that they can master any exam, feel confident at all competitive levels and also travel globally without any hassles in communication; as most countries of the world are English speaking countries.

There is no difference between test of IDP and BC. IELTS is internationally owned, internationally focused, internationally accessible and internationally recognized. The British Council and IDP IELTS Australia are IELTS test delivery partners and there is no difference in taking the test with either organization. 

J School of IELTS is working 8-10 hours a day, its open for 10 days a week. To add more to its strength we conduct seminars and presentations for students for their related courses at frequent intervals.

Basics and fluency training reaching the pinnacle of its quality has given students self confidence and has made them stronger in taking English language as a need of the hour today.